[Marxism] query

Patrick Bond pbond at mail.ngo.za
Thu Jul 10 11:27:36 MDT 2008

Louis Proyect wrote:
> We have a 35k limit on posts, including crosspostings such as this, but 
> we generally encourage a few paragraphs and a url instead. I do make 
> exceptions for articles from the NY Times, etc. that can only be read if 
> you register (free) with the newspaper. Some people think that long 
> articles are a hardship for comrades with dial-up connections in the 3rd 
> world while Patrick Bond, who is based in South Africa, claims that it 
> is much harder for him to read the articles on the web than as email. So 
> there really is no hard-and-fast rule.
You don't get it Louis: the critique is that it's far far far easier for 
me to download email in one session (using Thunderbird) and then log off 
email, than to sign back on when I read your post, and then am tempted 
by your few 'graf teasers, and then click the URL, and then 
painstakingly download the article - as my connection here in Durban 
usual runs at 20 kbs.

So for any of you comrades violating Louis's strange laws of soundbite 
reading, willing to post a full article - including longer academic ones 
which tragically marxism-list doesn't cater for (Louis has done many 
brilliant journal articles himself) - consider me a big big fan!

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