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> Ecuador. The single most pressing need for the developing pan-Latin
> American national movement, which by its very nature is a counter to
> imperialist domination, is the qualitative reduction leading towards
> liquidation of U.S. domination of Colombia and especially of the
> presence of U.S. military and intelligence operations on Colombian
> soil, in its airspace and territorial waters.

Well, yes and no. For Colombians fighting to build a mass revolutionary
movement and social transformation, such as the physician cited in the DN
interview I posted, the strategic axis of the struggle is, as you say, to
get the imperialists' talons off Colombia's neck. But, the concrete
struggle is against the Uribe government, and most specifically, around
the goal of trying to gain some democratic breathing space. That's what
all the recent struggles for indigenous rights, for union rights against
against Coca Cola and other U.S. corporations have been about. One of the
interesting points in the interview was Rozental's point about the link
between the Chiquita campaign and the paramilitaries. The fight against
paramilitary and official repression, for trade union and indigenous
rights, IS a fight against the imperialist jackboot. And -- another of his
points -- the tragedy of the hostage situation is that it allows Uribe to
burnish his image, to promote the false debate over who's worse, the FARC
or the government, all the while the repression against the popular
movements continues and preparations against the Bolivarian project as a
whole are underway.

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