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S. Artesian 

That's not the world of capitalism. We are not dealing with artisan 
CB:  Think of it as a small business in capitalism.

All labor in capitalism is not "unskilled".


 The "shoemaker" under capitalism, and expropriated capitalism, 
exists only as a product of the integration of various, varied, 
multi-faceted social labor where time rules all, and the output of
shoes is 
determined not by the skill of any individual, but by the organization
the work components, constant, and variable.

CB: You keep ignoring Marx's discussion of "socially necessary labor
time" _in capitalism_.  The "time" you talk about is a standard unit of
time for a standard unit commodity. That assumes the requisite "labor
power" including skill


So all that cannot be equated becomes equal through time.  This is the

social element that a workers' revolution appropriates.  Quantities of
values CANNOT be equated, not under capitalism, not under socialism,
than by labor time.
CB: False.   It's not just "labor time". It's socially necessary labor
time, which introduces an element of standard skill level in the "labor"
referred to. 

The use-values are equated in the sense that the product must have the
qualities sufficient to be of use.  There is an equalizing of quality,
or minimum quality, otherwise it's not a full use-value.

Then there are quantities of the same use-value.  There is a standard
or average amount of time that average socially necessary labor will
take to produce on unit of use-value. 


  Capitalism organizes that under profit; mediates that 
by exchange value; appropriates that by private property; survives and

expandes by aggrandizing surplus labor time.

Socialism strips away all that:  stips away the private property, the 
aggrandizement of surplus labor time through wage-labor and thus, in
first "phase" provides first for all social needs as a deduction from
labor time of all, and then provides for individual needs based on the

equality of labor-time.

This is fundamental to Marx's Critique of the Gotha Program, and
remarks in State and Revolution.

CB: Lets take a look at _The State and Revoluton_

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