[Marxism] '68 as CIA proxy operation?

Ben Ben youcanemailbenhere at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Jul 10 19:22:23 MDT 2008

>From a recent posting to Marxmail:

The Maoist leadership in 
the elite Ecole Normale Supérieure located in the rue d'Ulm stayed 
clear of the student revolt and even regarded it as a bourgeois plot 
- an attitude shared by many of their arch adversaries in the PCF, 
where the suspicion still smolders that MAY 68 was a CIA plot to 
bring down de Gaulle and install a more pro-American 
government.  (According to Maurice Grimaud, this suspicion was shared 
by the French government, which publicly accused East Germany but 
privately suspected the CIA of subsidizing the Trotskyists to weaken 
the pro-Moscow PCF.)


... does anyone have any comment / sources on this reading of 1968
as a CIA proxy organisation?

this seems to be a suspicion better grounded in the times in which
the original article was written (1988): cold war-era, but also with
some knowledge of US operations in italy, and elsewhere in western
europe, during the 1970s.

thanks ---


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