[Marxism] Che Guevara versus Raul Castro?

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Fri Jul 11 10:59:13 MDT 2008

Walter Lippmann wrote:
> His concept of "two, three, many Vietnams", as spelled out in the
> MESSAGE TO THE TRICONTINENTAL made this quite clear. It's worth
> reading and re-reading, but with a critical eye, since things have
> not quite turned out as he projected back in the day. The Soviet
> Union and Eastern Europe are today capitalist. Vietnam defeated
> the United States, and China and Vietnam are today using private
> capital and capitalist mechanisms to build up their economies.

And what exactly is the difference economically between Putin's Russia 
and China?

> The idea that Cuba, on its own, can escape the forces of the 
> international capitalist economy is not correct. The idea that
> Cuba could be a model of revolutionary purity in a world where
> capitalism, however rotten and degenerated, remains quite strong,
> is also mistaken.

Could you please quote anybody, including me, who argues that Cuba can 
escape the forces of the international capitalist economy?

> Had Che been alive today, he might and presumably would have been
> sober and realistic and thus have understood the changes and made
> proposals based on changed circumstances.

I guess that this means that he would have been posting defenses of the 
ANC to Marxmail, like Walter. I am waiting with bated breath, btw, for 
Walter's explanation of what is correct for the ANC to oppose suing 
American corporations for reparations.

> One good thing about Che was that he felt that as long as people
> were on the same side, he was happy to hear, discuss and debate
> alternative points of view.

He was certainly not evasive like some people I know.

> "the lever of material interest is still the arbiter of the well-being
> of the individual and of the small collectivity (factories, for
> example). And that is where I see the root of the evil. Conquering
> capitalism with its own fetishes, having removed their most magical
> quality, profit, seems like a tricky business."

Yes, it is tricky.

> "I don't pretend to have exhausted this theme, much less to have given
> the papal "amen" to these and other contradictions. Unfortunately, in
> the eyes of most of our people, and in mine as well, apologetics for
> a system can have more impact than scientific analysis of it. This
> does not help us in the task of clarification, and our whole effort
> is aimed at inviting people to think, to treat Marxism with the
> seriousness this towering doctrine deserves.

And what does this paragraph support? The notion that China had no other 
options except to spawn yacht clubs and the sport of polo?

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