[Marxism] COSATU Ponders How Hard to Press Mugabe

S. Artesian sartesian at earthlink.net
Fri Jul 11 14:02:32 MDT 2008

Obviously Walter, COSATU, has fallen under the Washington-Marxmailista axis; 
succumbing to the seductive pleasures of being computer terminal 
revolutionists, safely pandering to reaction dressed up as "democracy" from 
the security of their laptops.   Just the other day, I was IMing with the 
self-proclaimed Editor-in-Chief of COSATU news and she freely admitted her 
deliberate dual agency in this struggle, diverting attention away from the 
main enemy of progressive peoples all over the world.

Quite a feather in Mr. Proyect's cap, by the way, to take over the leading 
union organization in southern Africa, one that led and sustained working 
class based struggles against apartheid.

You might just want to give COSATU a bit of credit for knowing more than 
you, and understanding more than you since COSATU is actually there; does 
actually have contacts and collaborative relationships with workers in 
Zimbabwe; does actually have some experience fighting oppressive regimes.

And you might want to cut out the smarmy yellow-journalism tactics--i.e. 
"The WSJ published this article,  I wonder if that means COSATU is actually 
in alliance with Wall Street."

Pity about those arms from China that the workers refused to unload.  Don't 
worry, I'm sure China will put them to good use somewhere else.  Probably 

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> (It's unusual for the Wall Street Journal to speak so enthusiastically
> about trade unions and about a Communist Party, but here is the WSJ
> doing exactly that. Maybe Wall Street has changed and has now gotten
> really serious and concerned about the Zimbabwean people today?)

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