[Marxism] RICHARD GOTT: A new agenda in Latin America

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Fri Jul 11 14:57:23 MDT 2008

>Since Jimmy Carter’s presidency, we have been going through a kind of 
>quadrennial ritual in which the Democratic candidate is supported as a 
>“lesser evil” rather than as a positive good, such as was the case with 
>George McGovern in 1972. To show how far things have come, try to 
>imagine Barack Obama saying anything remotely similar about Iraq that 
>McGovern said about Vietnam in his acceptance speech to the 1972 convention:


RICHARD GOTT uses his imagination:

A new agenda in Latin America

The US has long meddled in the affairs of its southern neighbours. 
It's time to rectify the mistakes of the past

* Richard Gott
o Richard Gott
o guardian.co.uk,
o Wednesday July 9, 2008
o Article history

Though Iraq and the US economy have dominated the US presidential race,
Latin America presents important challenges for the next president to solve.
Assuming Barack Obama wins the election in November, this is the inaugural
speech he should give next January.


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