[Marxism] FARC Hostage Scenario

Joaquín Bustelo jbustelo at gmail.com
Fri Jul 11 16:10:16 MDT 2008

"Don't shoot the messenger," pleads Eli, "I have no opinion on  this
stuff whatsoever."

Which raises the obvious question -- why are you sending us this as
opposed to, say, random ads from Craig's list or scrambled word lists
based on the sports pages of the San Francisco Examiner?

Eli's answer: he's just "passing on the latest contribution to the discussion."

Actually, there's nothing new here, just a rehash. The central element
is that the FARC had already agreed to release these hostages and that
maybe comandante César had been blackmailed, bribed, or switched

The biggest problem with all these versions at this point is the
complicit silence of the French, the Swiss and the FARC. By now they
all have seen how Uribe has manipulated this politically. For the
French and Swiss diplomats, it means complete destruction of any
credibility they may have had as honest brokers. And the FARC has been
left looking both evil and idiotic.

The relatively new element is the anonymous source in Quito who told
Uruguayan journalist Kintto Lucas of IPS that the FARC had already
agreed to release the hostages. This we had already heard from a
source in Switzerland.

Lucas stresses in the dispatch that he could not get confirmation of
this assertion, and most of his July 8 dispatch is dedicated to
quoting analysts and observers who believe commander Cesar had sold
out, and that is how Uribe had been able to carry out the rescue, not
that it was a release made to look like a rescue by the last minute
intervention of the army.

Compare this to the situation last March. When Uribe had FARC leader
Raul Reyes killed, those who jumped up to denounce that negotiations
between Reyes and French envoys or the release of Betancourt and the
others were advanced weren't anonymous. They were presidents Chavez
and Correa and various other very public figures.

It simply doesn't make sense, if the FARC had already agreed to the
release, for them not to have screamed bloody murder at Uribe's stunt.
It doesn't make sense for France and Switzerland to keep quiet. It
doesn't make sense for Chavez and Correa and Sen. Piedad Cordoba and
others involved in these humanitarian efforts to have kept silent or
worse, joined in calling for the FARC to release all hostages and
POW's unconditionally.

If this had been the kind of swindle being speculated about in the
left press, is there any doubt the parties to the negotiation would
have denounced it by now? For my part, I have no such doubts.

On the other hand, the idea that the FARC were tricked in some form or
fashion (though certainly not necessarily at all in the way the
Colombian government described, that's pretty transparent propaganda)
has been implicitly or explicitly accepted by all the major players,
including the hostages themselves, and the leaders of Cuba, Ecuador
and Venezuela.

*  *  *

This brings up an interesting question: why the credulity on the part
of so many leftists in the imperialist countries, who are  willing to
consider or accept a version of events that has no evidence to back it
up and makes absolutely no sense?


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