[Marxism] Hamas arrested two militants who fired cross-border rockets into southern Israel

Jim Farmelant farmelantj at juno.com
Fri Jul 11 19:33:20 MDT 2008

On Fri, 11 Jul 2008 01:02:35 -0700 "yossi schwartz"
<ssschwartz8 at gmail.com> writes:
> Gaza – 10/7  Hamas arrested two militants who fired cross-border 
> rockets
> into southern Israel from the Gaza Strip on Thursday, in the first 
> such
> detentions since a truce was agreed last month, militants said.
> When Hamas signed the truce with the Israeli state it stated it will 
> not act
> against militant fighting Israel..

> Al-Aqsa said it fired the two rockets into southern Israel after 
> Israel's
> killing of an unarmed infiltrator from the coastal area earlier in 
> the day.
> Israel has  closed  the Gaza Strip's border crossings and at the 
> same time
> increase its attacks  in the West Bank.
> This may be the beginning of the end of Hamas as a mass movement  
> supported
> by the Palestinian masses that believed Hamas is fighting 
> imperialism
> including the Zionist'  imperialism

What makes Yossi think that if instead of
Hamas, which having battled Israel to a standstill,
such that the latter has to settle for a truce with them,
(having been unable to crush Hamas militarily),
that the kind of hypothetical Palestinian
communist fighters that Yossi would presumably
support instead wouldn't also do the same under the
circumstances?  Even communists would, I think, have to have
some respect for the "objective correlation of forces"
in this situation.

Whether or not Hamas is, or is about to come
to end as a mass movement, I wouldn't pretend
to know.  That would depend not only whether it
is seen by the Palestinian masses as effective
force against imperialism, but also such factors
as well it can govern in Sinai.  Hamas gained
much of its popularity in the first place because
they were not only perceived as effective fighters
against Israel but also because they were perceived
as offering more honest and effective government
than Fatah.  If they are still perceived as being
more honest and more competent than Fatah,
then I would expect them to retain their popularity
for a long time to come.  Of course if Yossi's
hypothetical communist alternative to Hamas
and Fatah comes to be perceived as being
even more honest, more competent, and
more effective, then they would presumably
sweep both Hamas and Fatah into the
"dustbin of history."
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