[Marxism] Che Guevara versus Raul Castro?

Joonas Laine jjonas at nic.fi
Sat Jul 12 01:06:51 MDT 2008

Walter Lippmann wrote:
> China is not an imperialist power. Russia has been reduced
> in size substantially. Neither have troops outside of their
> own national territory.

Russia has 25 military bases outside its national territory. Here's an
excerpt from what I posted last October:


Russia also has troops and military bases outside its borders; according
 to the Kommersant, 25 of them altogether. While writing this I think
Putin's offer to the US on using a Russian base in Azerbaijan to monitor
Iran is still on the table. Whether it's an attempt to call Bush's cards
on whether the radar bases in Poland and the Czech republic are really
intended to monitor Iran, and not Russia, remains open, but in any case
is just an example how Putin has the nerve to offer US the use of a
Russian base in and another country's territory. Based on this report,
the Azeris don't really like Putin's offer, and would rather that the
base be shut down:

According to Moscow Newsn - the article is entitled "Russia Boosts
Military Presence at Home and Abroad" - "Russia is looking at boosting
its military presence in the Mediterranean with plans to set up two
naval bases in Syria."

With the agreement signed on 4th June between Russia and Tajikistan,
"Tajikistan is to relinquish land needed for establishing a Russian army
base, and will cede to Russia the military ranges that the Russian
military currently uses in Tajikistan. The bare land and ranges are to
be handed over "free of charge and without a time limit." Presumably,
the value of the rent is to be deducted from Tajikistan's debts to Russia."

Other countries where Russia has bases and troops are Armenia Belarus,
Georgia, Kazakstan, Kirgistan, Moldova and the Ukraine. In Georgia,
Moldova and the Ukraine, withdrawal had been demanded but implementation
had been slow.

For several of the bases, Russia doesn't need to pay anything; the host
countries cover the costs.


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