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Sat Jul 12 09:56:41 MDT 2008

2008/7/12, Walter Lippmann <walterlx at earthlink.net>:

«In the history of the Cuban Revolution, they did engage
in one famous kidnapping, called "Operation Fangio" and
a book was published about it recently in Cuba which is
still in print, in Spanish, only, as far as I'm aware.
that kidnapping lasted 25 hours, and was designed to
make a few quick political points before releasing the
man, an Argentine race-car driver named Fangio. There
was a feature film made about that, though I have not
seen the movie myself. It was presented in 1999 at the
Havana film festival, however.

Armando Hart wrote an essay about Operation Fangio:

Juan Manuel Fangio was, by the time of the kidnapping, a famous
Formula 1 driver who had won more World Championships than any other
at his time. He was the first one in winning 5 championships. The film
is an Argentinean film, neither extremely good nor murderous, with
Darío Grandinetti, a good actor as a Fangio he composes quite

The kidnapping appears on the film as what it was: essentially a
propaganda issue. And Fangio appears as being at least mildly against
the Batista regime, which is also true. But he was a professional, a
Formula 1 race had been arranged in Havana and his Mercedes Benz team
had decided to be at the race.

BTW: sorry for both unclipped mails I just sent to the list. One of
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