[Marxism] Operation Fangio

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sat Jul 12 10:10:00 MDT 2008

>  Juan Manuel Fangio was, by the time of the kidnapping, a famous 
> Formula 1 driver who had won more World Championships than any 
> other at his time. He was the first one in winning 5 championships. 
> The film is an Argentinean film, neither extremely good nor 
> murderous, with Darío Grandinetti, a good actor as a Fangio he 
> composes quite realistically. The kidnapping appears on the film as 
> what it was: essentially a propaganda issue. And Fangio appears as 
> being at least mildly against the Batista regime, which is also 
> true. But he was a professional, a Formula 1 race had been arranged 
> in Havana and his Mercedes Benz team had decided to be at the race. 
> BTW: sorry for both unclipped mails I just sent to the list. One of 
> these days this will cost me a lot.

When I was an undergraduate at Bard, I ran around with a group of 
people who raced motorcycles and sports cars. One of them had the 
inspiration to organize a showing of Juan Fangio racing films. He was 
a legend to such people back then. We also burned Castrol oil in the 
film auditorium, a lubricant used for racing cars that had a distinctive aroma.

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