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Sat Jul 12 11:02:40 MDT 2008

Obama is doing what capitalist politicians always do:
Once he's secured his base to the left, he moves to 
the right, taking his supporters to the left more or
less completely for granted, assuming they will think
they have no place else to go. 

At this point, with support for the Democratic Party
at an all-time high, that appears not unreasonable, 
but if Obama mis-calculates the opposition to moving
to the right, something else might be possible. 

While I'm not as enamored as some here about Nader,
and have made it clear that I support McKinney, let
us hope that Obama's right-tilt generates some move
on the left.

This weekend is the Green Party convention and as of
now it looks like McKinney is in the best position to
get their nomination. Nader isn't running for their
slot, but who's to say what will happen in Chicago.
McKinney is at least the best-known politician among
those I've heard of seeking the GP nomination. Little
information seems to be coming out about whatever the
Nader campaign is doing, if it's done petitioning to
get on the ballot, or whatever. It would seem to be
a move of desperation on Obama's part to debate with
any candidates to the left of him. In any event, he
doesn't have the nomination yet, and who knows what
might happen in the United States until August 2008.
that could be a very long time from now. Senator
Clinton would understand how little is certain in
this day and age.

The two Counterpunch articles were good and thanks
to Louis for posting them. One of the many positive
things about the Internet is that it's possible to
move information very quickly, and things can change
quite rapidly in virtual life, perhaps reflecting, or
influencing, what happens in the real world. 

Here are some excerpts of what one Cuban commentator
had to say about Richard Gott's draft speech for 
Obama to give at his presumed nomination:

By Manuel E. Yepe July 2008

A CubaNews translation. Edited by Walter Lippmann.

There’s no waste in the inaugural speech Barack Obama would
supposedly deliver in January 2009, should he stick to the
text prepared by the experienced British journalist and
historian Richard Gott published in The Guardian last July 9.

Gott explains in his “project” that although Iraq and the
US economy have dominated the US presidential race, Latin
America presents important challenges for the next
president to solve, and to that effect, assuming Barack
Obama wins the election in November, he recommends a text
that amounts to a whole new continental agenda.

Obama would say: “In some parts of the world, in recent
years, we have tried to do too much. In Latin America, we
have done too little. With our attention focused elsewhere,
anti-American forces have moved in to fill the vacuum.
Today we have little to build on, and few friends in the
continent. Yet I have promised change, US citizens have
voted for change, and change is what I intend to bring
According to the speech suggested by Gott, Barack Obama
would make those visits to make the North Americans
identify with the peoples of Latin America in their
capacity to embrace change and reinvent their history, to
make sure that the voice of the United States is heard in
this great new chorus of liberation.

The ultimate inaugural speech to be delivered by the new US
president next January is likely to bear no resemblance to
the text written by Gott as an exercise in interpreting
reality on the basis of the Union’s true interests about
its security. Coming out of the White House, a statement
like this would bring the head of state face-to-face with
unscrupulous reprisals by the less clever corporations and
the industrial-military complex.

(The author of this article is an attorney, retired
diplomat, political scientist and continues to teach at the
Cuban Foreign Ministry's school for diplomats, ISRI, in
Havana, Cuba.)


     Los Angeles, California
     Editor-in-Chief, CubaNews
     "Cuba - Un Paraíso bajo el bloqueo"

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