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abu hartal abuhartal at hotmail.com
Sat Jul 12 12:44:00 MDT 2008

the leftist outrage helps Obama. But it's silly. Obama thinks child rape is a greater offense than most forms of murder--
and that is true if we disregard bourgeois principles of equivalence-- and wants to confine capital punishment to child rape 
and serial murder (that murder must be serial to qualify as a capital offense only breaks the bourgeois principle of equivalence).
 That would radically reduce the number of capital offenses. obama breaks with bourgeois logic, and fights for protections
for the accused. But the left wants to run him out of town as if they don't have children. Good. 
The left is only helping him. On FISA, Obama was right that the alternative facing him was the status quo or this bill 
which allows some very minor reform. So he took the minor reform while saying that he was against immunity and 
hoped for a change in the balance of forces. I have not studied his comments on faith based 
inititiaves, but he seems to put serious restrictions on churches which receive federal money, and 
I have seen no discussion of those restrictions. For example, does he not demand Churches change their hiring
practices if they want federal money? 
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