[Marxism] A little note about the FARC

Anthony Boynton anthony.boynton at gmail.com
Sat Jul 12 15:10:23 MDT 2008

Sorry I have been out of the conversation for a while, and don't have time
for long comments even now. From my point of view the FARC has suffered a
historic and irreversible defeat. Whether or not it can survive at all is a
big question. If it does, what will it become.

The main reasons for the FARC's defeat are objective. Colombia never was a
small country like Cuba or Nicaragua, nor was it ever during the existence
of the FARC a country dominated by the countryside. It is a large country
with many large cities where urban social relations have dominated over
rural social relations.

The FARC however, was a product of the rural social conflict over land. It
was born out of that conflict, and never was able to find a way to become a
real part of the urban social struggles of Colombia. Why? Not because it did
not try. It tried with the UP, which was massacred by the paramilitaries and
army under the direction of the US embassy.

Could it have found another path? It would have been very difficult given
the circumstances. The fact that the FARC did not find a path out of the
jungle and into the city doomed it to defeat.

The FARC was more the victim of the struggle than the creator of the
struggle. It reacted to each turn of events with attempts to survive against
brutal military assaults on its militants, and their families. Its reactions
led it further and further down the path of armed struggle with little or no
regard for political strategy.

The FARC's heroism was, and is, tragic. it inspired tens of thousands of
revolutionary youth to join it in the mountains and jungle. There they died,
became dissillusioned, became drug dealers, and became totally isolated from
the mass movements (student, worker, and rural) which had created them.

The FARC inspired the vanguard of the mass movement to turn its back on the
mass movement and join an increasingly isolated armed struggle.

That tragic process came to an end well over a decade ago. The students
stopped going to the mountains. The trade unionists stopped talking to the
FARC for fear of their lives. The Communist Party severed its ties with the
FARC for those and other reasons.

Now the FARC's internal disintegration, especially through the corruption of
cadres who have begun to collaborate with the Colombian state in return for
bribes of millions of dollars, has become publicly evident.

More later, Anthony

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