[Marxism] two articles

Smitty Word callmesmitty at yahoo.com
Sat Jul 12 17:16:36 MDT 2008

Abu Hartal argues that to be against state murder one is tacitly
accepting the "bourgeois principle of equivalence." This a strange
argument because this principle of equivalence is upheld by the
bourgeois state and has not existence without it. Two wills with
opposing interests can only be equal if they agree to submit to the
power of a third party, a more powerful will, that of the bourgeois
state. The state says that all wills except its own are subject to it;
no other relations of subordination in its society are permissable.
That is, the state emphasizes its monoply on violence. It decides what
wills count and how far they may go. You can see that the state has no
interest in protecting its subjects from the violence that is rampant
among its citizens when it sets them in law into the most cruel
conflicts with each other; victims of violence receive no help; and the
actual causes of rape, murder and exploitation are left almost entirely
unaddressed by the society. What the state objects to about rape and
murder is that this a violation of ITS power, ITS monoply on violence,
and the death penalty is just the extremely American form in which the
state takes its revenge for ITS injury.



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