[Marxism] protests in Israel against attack on Iran

yossi schwartz ssschwartz8 at gmail.com
Sun Jul 13 07:26:08 MDT 2008


There are no demo against Israel possible attack on Iran.

Our group is too small to hold or organize such a demo. The Israeli left is
controlled by the very reformist Communist party.

Sometime when there are many demo around the world about some topic there is
an echo in Israel.

Why it is so? Particularly when  most people living in Israel  are not
convinced that Israel will attack Iran as the US is not giving Israel green

The general explanation however  has to do with the class nature of Israel
as a settler colonialists and the fact that the Palestinians citizen of
Israel live in much better conditions than the Palestinians occupied in 1967
and the Middle class Palestinians are  not very militant and focus only on
Israel and the occupied 67 lands


The key to the changes in the Middle East is not in  the Israelis workers  not
even the Palestinians citizens of Israel but the Arab working class  most
importantly in Egypt.

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