[Marxism] A Response to James Petras' Critique [Colombia, the Farc and Fidel]

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Response to James Petras' Critique: "Fidel Castro and the FARC.
Eight Mistaken Theses of Fidel Castro"
By Joan Marie Malerich - Axis exclusive
Jul 12, 2008, 11:32

Editor's Note: We believe that constructive, self criticism within
the revolutionary left is vital. The political left is largely
bereft of such criticism and when it occurs it is often rejected on
the basis of passion or loyalties, not on logic and we are not
the "Axis of Passion". Criticism of one of our beloved leaders,
Fidel Castro, by leftist writers is rare indeed. We published an
article by James Petras,"Fidel Castro and the FARC. Eight Mistaken
Theses of Fidel Castro" on July 8, 2008. Since then we have received
a number of responses to the article. Joan Marie Malerich* submitted
her critique of Mr. Petras' article for publication and it is
rationally based. We appreciate James Petras who has dared to offer
criticism of Fidel Castro, who in our judgement is the greatest
revolutionary leader of our time. Equally, we appreciate Joan
Malerich who has the courage and insight to effectively debate
Petras, a writer whose pen has been an anti-imperialist sword for 5
decades. In fairness to both writers, we recommend that the reader
open James Petras' article in a second page for comparitive

- Les Blough, Editor

FULL: (42k)

Joan Marie Malerich, 61, is a grassroots activist who believes that
activism and the search for truth and reality is the only way to
stop wars. She is a strong supporter of the Cuban Revolutionary
government and the Cuban Five - Gerardo Hernández, Antonio Guerrero,
Ramón Labañino, Fernando González, and René González who are
collectively serving four life sentences in U.S. penitentiaries.
They are the example for all youth of the world, as Antonio
Guerrero's son, Tonitio, stated at the Youth World Festival in
Venezuela. Malerich has studied Cuban issues for a number of years
and visited Cuba September of 2003. Joan has also educated US
students about the Latin American School of Medicine (LASM) in Cuba.
She is an advocate of Universal Single-Payer Health Care and has had
a number of her articles published on this and other subjects in the
print and electronic media. She believes that if we are to stop the
youth from become soldiers for the empire, we must educate the youth
(starting in high school) about the truth and reality of the US
history of military and economic terrorism. She believes imperialism
is the root cause of most social and political problems. Joan is a
graduate of Northern Illinois University with majors in English and
Secondary Education and has also completed post-graduate work. She
has worked in a number of positions ranging from laborer and in her
work as a professional.

     Los Angeles, California
     Editor-in-Chief, CubaNews
     "Cuba - Un Paraíso bajo el bloqueo"

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