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On Sun, Jul 13, 2008 at 3:21 PM, Walter Lippmann <walterlx at earthlink.net> wrote:
> PLEASURE ISLAND: Tourism and Temptation in Cuba
> by Rosalie Schwartz
> University of Nebraska Press 1997
> Fangio had only praise for his captors; in fact, given the
> tragedy in the race, he told reporters, they may have saved
> his life. Major media outlets in Europe and the Americas
> repeated his appreciative wont, Joe Brown's televised
> first-round knockout became a footnote to Ili, amazing and
> tragic Gran Premio story.
> The audacious kidnapping had even more power than
> explosives Manuel Garcia could not have done better. Castro
> and his supporters already had denounced the government for
> wasting money on big sports events instead of aiding the
> unemployed. They had openly threatened to cripple Cuba's
> most important sports contest in order to embarrass Batista
> and force him to call off the race. They had circulated
> bulletins for three days, warning Cubans to stay off the
> streets and away from public spectacles. To reinforce their
> point, they had hurled phosphorus bombs into seats and
> aisles of Radio Centro Theater in the heart of Havana.
> Twenty-five years later, on 24 February 1983, Fangio
> received a cable in his office at Mercedes Benz
> headquarters in Buenos Aires: "On the occasion of the
> twenty-fifth anniversary of your historic encounter with
> the Twenty-sixth of July Movement, we remember you fondly
> and wish you health and well-being. That episode, more than
> a kidnapping and patriotic detention, together with your
> noble attitude and fair understanding, served the cause of
> our people, who feel great kindness for you and in whose
> name we salute you at the end of a quarter of a century. In
> hopes of seeing you again in Cuba, your friendly
> kidnappers."
> Faustino Perez Hernandez, the Cuban official who signed the
> cable, had headed the successful 1958 kidnapping operation.
> He had accompanied Castro on the Granma, the boat that had
> carried the rebels from Mexico to Cuba in December 1956.
> They had hidden together for days, almost afraid to breathe
> for fear of discovery by the soldiers who hunted them. They
> had made their way to the Sierra Maestra, and when Castro
> stayed to build the guerrilla movement in mountains, Perez
> had returned to Havana as a member of the twenty-sixth of
> July Movement's national directorate.
> (The story is a good deal longer than this.)
> http://www.walterlippmann.com/docs1121.html
> Also:
> Juventud Rebelde
> February 23, 2006
> The Fangio kidnapping
> by Armando Hart
> http://www.walterlippmann.com/docs413.html
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