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Swans Commentary
July 14, 2008

Note from the Editors:  From 1950s Hollywood's heterosexual hypocrisy to the
more openly-gay contemporary society, the infamous Art Shay has seen, heard,
and photographed it all, and he tells some of it here with his irreplaceable
wit -- the sexual dalliances of his friend and "From Here to Eternity" author
James Jones, to last month's Chicago Gay Pride Parade in which bigoted
protestors launched hell at all the fornicators, masturbators, atheists,
abortionists, adulterers, witches, revelers, sodomites, etc. Ah, the sweet
smell of progress. (Where are the protest cages for the nutcases?! Oops --
can't say "nuts" in polite company...) We're certifiably doomed, not only for
our so-called sins -- which are debatable, but for our financial and military
obscenities, which are indefensible. As Carol Warner Christen illustrates,
America is ripe for the picking thanks to its excesses, and we the People are
expendable to the elite. When will we band together and throw the bums out?
Read the excerpt of Lee Iacocca's 2007 call to action, then ponder Gilles
d'Aymery's question, "What's Your Breaking Point?" as you consider which stay-
the-course candidate you'll vote for. Again. And again. And again. Not
convinced? We just hope that Ralph Nader can outlast lesser-evil thinking. As
the Democrats' betrayal of the so-called progressives becomes legendary,
Martin Murie reinforces the fundamental importance of supporting fringe

One critical issue facing the next US president is climate change, a matter
that the Bush administration, its EPA hostages, and corporate America have
all but ignored despite Supreme Court rulings to take action. As White House
spokesperson Dana Perino put it, regulating greenhouse gases would "impose
crippling costs on the economy," without making reference to the crippling
costs of wildfires, hurricanes, tornadoes, medical care...perpetual war. See
Jan Baughman's cartoonish appeal for change. If government and corporations
won't respond, what about those deep philanthropic pockets, from George Soros
to the Carnegie, Rockefeller, and Ford Foundations? It's enlightening but
certainly not uplifting to delve, as Michael Barker's excellent analysis
does, into the politics behind philanthropy and the manufactured consent that
keeps change at bay. It is also worth a reminder in this election season that
capitalist expansion and the export of democracy and Christianity were not
the inventions of Bush, Cheney & Co. -- Charles Marowitz highly recommends,
in fact requires, Stephen Kinzer's Overthrow: "America's Century of Regime
Change From Hawaii to Iraq."

And speaking of Marowitz, Peter Byrne reviews Charles's brilliant 2006 stage
production of "Silent Partners," on Bertolt Brecht and Eric Bentley. First-
time contributor and writer Karen Ritenour shares a highly creative two-part
short play on heaven and hell from the vantage point of Satan; Guido Monte
and Marie Rennard bring their respective poetic perspectives; and another
poetic debut comes in the form of a circus allegory of life in present day
America by R. Scott Porter. Finally, we close with your letters, on Michael
Barker, nonviolence, and imperialism; Stephen Zunes's defense of the Albert
Einstein Institution; thoughts on a rich (in content) Web site (Swans); the
high price of gas; and more.

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Chicago's Gay Parade And Related Gay Memories  -  Art Shay
(with 12 photos by the author and one by Myron Davis)

Next Target Of The IMF: You, Me, And The United States Of America
  - Carol Warner Christen

Had Enough?  -  Lee Iacocca

What's Your Breaking Point?  -  Gilles d'Aymery

Fringes  -  Martin Murie

Free The EPA  -  Cartoon by Jan Baughman

The Soros Media "Empire": The Power of Philanthropy to Engineer Consent
  - Michael Barker

US Exploitation Of The World  -  Book Review by Charles Marowitz

Raging Silence: Charles Marowitz's "Silent Partners"
  - Book Review by Peter Byrne

A Hell Of Heaven And Vice Versa Revelations - Short Play by Karen Ritenour

Haiku Number Two - Poem by Guido Monte

Thirty Seconds Echo - Poem by Marie Rennard

The Circus - Poem by R. Scott Porter

How To Help The Nader-Gonzalez '08 Campaign
- Gilles d'Aymery & Jan Baughman

Letters to the Editor

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