[Marxism] Leftist self-loathing

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Sun Jul 13 21:13:16 MDT 2008

Bustelo wrote: 

>The McKinney and especially the Nader campaigns are a THOUSAND 
>TIMES more revolutionary and more communist than the campaigns of 
>moth-eaten cliques of petty-bourgeois intelligentsia that go 
>around preaching socialism in sackcloth and overwhelmingly succeed 
>in discrediting socialism -- and themselves.
>They are a THOUSAND TIMES *more* communist because they challenge, 
>in the REAL world, for millions of working people, one of the MAIN
>instruments through which the bourgeoisie maintains its
>political-ideological hegemony -- the two party system. 

Moth-eaten cliques of petty-bourgeois intelligentsia? Aren't you 
being a little rough there comrade? The US presidential electoral 
circus comes to town every four years and I am amazed at the level 
of leftist self-loathing it has brought to the surface on this 
list. Something tells me that the Reconstruction party has yet to 
catch fire simply because because there are socialist parties that 
run their own campaigns. As for the part about Nader being a 
virtual communist, that is still something I am struggling to 
understand. if striking a blow against two party domination  is in 
and of itself a revolutionary act then the George Wallace of 1968 
becomes a  virtual Che Guevara. I remind you that Wallace did reach 
"millions of working people" with his "there's not a dimes worth of 
difference between the Democratic and Republican parties" line.

What is the point of nursing this hatred for struggling groups of 
revolutionaries working to organize and educate as best they can 
with small memberships and limited resources? Do you believe that 
if every dues paying radical woke up tomorrow, apologized on this 
list for being petty-bourgeois and then devoted their life to the 
Reconstruction party that it would get McKinney the coveted 5% of 
the popular vote? If every communist in some kind of communist 
organization is so totally moth-eaten and inept then why beat them 
up and act as if they are the ones wrecking Nader's chances of 
becoming president and discrediting socialism all in one fell swoop?

As to the attempt to inflict class origin guilt, I am really not 
sure that has any relevance to anything. I teach students and live 
in a small Midwestern city dominated by a university. So what. In 
the real world people do lots of things and have lots of 
experiences that shape their political consciousness. I have done 
time in heavy industry and it wasn't because Jack Barnes ordered 
me. I have seen my share of ernest young newspaper vendors as I was 
going to work and heard the foolish things they said. I have also 
seen leftists in the late Vietnam era military work under difficult 
conditions to organize and educate as best they could as some of 
use struggled to preserve our sanity by understanding the cause, 
and the cure, for imperialism. 

For everyone dedicated to entryism and on fire for the 
revolutionary potential of Ralph Nader my advice is  have fun and 
cast your vote proudly. On the way to the polls try and drop the 
guilt trip and save your righteous indignation for the oppressors. 
Otherwise you will be the ones wearing sackcloth.

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