[Marxism] AlterNet: Africa: The Next Victim in Our Quest for CheapOil II

David Walters dave.walters at comcast.net
Mon Jul 14 08:59:37 MDT 2008

The fight in Africa for oil resources now looks like a pre-WWI fight 
between colonial powers. West Africa is the battle ground and security 
oil development deals is the tactic. The strategy is "By Any Means 
Necessary". Everyone knows about Nigeria and the kleptocracy gov't that 
makes deals for their bank accounts in Zurich. As the article notes 
we're talking 200 billion USD *gone!*.

What is less widely known as the competitive battles going on in the 
rest of the west coast of Africa. Exploration is going on off the coasts 
of many African countries and the small tin-pot dictators are making a 
killing based on theft of natural resources. The battle lines are 
inter-governmental, such as "US vs China" but also inter-transnational, 
like "Suez vs Shell". The rape of these countries only really started a 
few years ago, but it has pick up with the price of oil and various 
companies and gov't wanting to 'secure' the sweet, light crude from 
under Africa's oceans.


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