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Mon Jul 14 11:08:10 MDT 2008

2008/7/14, S. Artesian <sartesian at earthlink.net>:
> Workers in Europe did arise after the Russian Revolution, several times in
>  Germany, in Hungary, in a general strike in the UK, in Spain (before the
>  founding of the Republic, and of course during and after that founding), in
>  France.
>  The failure is a bit more complicated than just a failure to act.  And it
>  took the slaughter of WW 2 to restore some security to capitalism against
>  the workers. We might look at the interplay between the defeat of those
>  workers struggles, and the role of the Soviet Union.

Fair. However, the general idea remains.

>  Not a good idea to go to fists in airports-- tends to scare the police into
>  unlatching the safety on their rifles.

A friend of mine, in Rio, told me once that there were three polices
in the city (which is true). She said "You have the city policie, that
robs, then the state police, that kills, and the federal police, that
robs and kills"

But there were none of these at the airport. And, mind you because
this is not a secondary issue in Latin America, we were both white
skinned, well dressed, international travelers. Latches tend to be
lazy under such conditions. Who will want to get involved into what
looks like a fight between -Masters!


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