[Marxism] McKinney, Greens, Liberals

Craig Brozefsky craig at red-bean.com
Mon Jul 14 17:37:18 MDT 2008

Alex Briscoe <obeynow20001 at yahoo.com> writes:

> Here in IL, I think it boils down to those who are
> active in the would-be apparatus of the ILGP (we have
> a skeleton of a structure, but not enough money or
> staff to have a true apparatus) supporting McKinney
> b/c she's not a threat to the Dems/GPNC and b/c she's
> the politically correct choice.

This is a ridiculous assertion, and indicative of the degradation of
your analysis of the ILGP and the GPUS, which has become clouded by
petty sniping and sour grapes over the failure of Nader to be the
nominee (ultimately the result of his decision to not seek the

The ILGP has an "aparatus" capable of hosting the national convention,
running over 50 candidates statewide, and transforming itself into an
established party with all the statutorily required committees and
officers, building new county-level organizations, and defending its
ballot line in the ass-backwards Illinois primary system.  It has
plenty of problems, and as a state-wide coordinating committee
representative for my Local, and the Chair of the Cook County GP I am
exposed to them constantly.  However, it is not a skeleton.

There is no basis for your suggestion that McKinney support is driven
by a desire to not threaten the Democrats, at the ILGP or the GPUS
level.  Your crass assertion that "political correctness" is a major
factor in that support is just straight up spiteful and pulled out of
your ass.  I have seen no evidence to support either assertion you
make in any of the national committees I participate in, nor at the
convention itself.

Recognizing the need to build a national party, as well as support the
development of state parties, by reaching out to new people (black,
white, brown, whatever) is not political correctness.  Choosing a
candidate with 12 years of experience in the US Congress, and even
more before that in the Georgia State Assembly, is not a cop-out to
keep the Democrats safe.

Comrade, you played a large role in my entrance into the ILGP, so it
is not lightly that I make such a charge.  However, I cannot be silent
while you misrepresent, and basically slander by calling them
Liberals, the rest of the people I have been working with in the ILGP
and the GPUS.  You need to check yourself.

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