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June 27, 2008
"Towards a New Knowledge"
Armando Hart Davalos

A CubaNews translation by Sue Greene.
Edited by Walter Lippmann.
Barak Obama, the Democratic Party candidate in the next United States
election, has declared that if he wins, he will rescind the standing
provisions, dictated by the Bush administration in that country, which
impede economic operations for travel to our soil. If he fulfills his
promise, a new stage in the ideological struggle between the Cuban
Revolution and imperialism will be born. In it [this new stage], in order 
to achieve the ideological invulnerability to which we aspire, it will be
necessary to design a new theoretical and propagandistic conception about
our ideas and their origin.

An ample migration with different objectives can come upon us and for 
that we must prepare ourselves culturally. The removal of the economic
limitations imposed on trips to Cuba will mean that around a million of
those born in this country or their descendants can come as tourists or for
their interest in again coming into contact with their native soil and their
relatives. In that category are included "Cubans" against the Revolution or
who simply left for other reasons and we cannot characterize as such. 

To this are joined the many citizens of other nationalities who are found 
in diverse countries for whom it is impossible to travel to Cuba for risky
reasons, including North Americans who aspire to develop some form of
relations with our country. In other words, we have before us the immense
challenge of how to face a new time in the cultural struggle against the

As we aspire to continue maintaining the banner of socialism high, it is
necessary to investigate, study and promote Cuban national tradition and
especially how, why and upon what the aspirations in the twentieth century
are interconnected to the thinking of Marx, Engels and Lenin.

One is compelled, then, to go deeper also into the careful examination of
why and how the best European ideas of the nineteenth century and beginning
of the twentieth --Marx, Engels and Lenin-- were distorted and fell into
great discredit on a universal scale. We must assume that process, as I have
said on other occasions, for the benefit of taking stock, that is, taking
refuge in an ancient legal institution through which inheritances could be
accepted without committing oneself to the debts.

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