[Marxism] Obama's Foreign Policy

Eli Stephens elishastephens at hotmail.com
Mon Jul 14 21:24:14 MDT 2008

This article by Robert Dreyfuss in the latest issue of The Nation is a 
remarkably complete picture of Obama's foreign policy. Let me just quote one 
paragraph to give a taste of some things which I, for one, hadn't read:


"In his Chicago speech last year Obama called for the creation of "a 
twenty-first-century military to stay on the offensive, from Djibouti to 
Kandahar." In several areas, Obama has made it clear that he looks forward to 
bolstering America's capabilities to intervene worldwide. He has called for 
spending significant new money to add unmanned aerial vehicles to the Air Force, 
boost electronic warfare capabilities and build more C-17 cargo planes and KC-X 
refueling aircraft to enhance America's "future ability to extend its global 
power." Obama also plans to "recapitalize our naval forces" so America can 
patrol ocean "choke points" to protect oil supplies, and he wants to fund new 
ships that can "patrol and protect the 'brown' waters of river systems 
[overseas] and the 'green' waters close to our shores.""

It’s a talkathon – but it’s not just talk.

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