[Marxism] McKinney/Clemente Is the Ticket in 2008 -- video/audio links to prove it

Steffie Brooks steffie.brooks at gmail.com
Mon Jul 14 21:34:07 MDT 2008

The Green Party campaign of Cynthia McKinney and Rosa Clemente has
ALREADY forged an electoral alliance between the Green Party and
important layers of the self-consciously Black and Brown justice
movements -- Mumia, and political prisoners, Katrina/Rita activists,
police violence, COINTELPRO, black farmers, etc. as well as the 911
truth movement, antiwar and impeachment activists, and feminists. The
campaign has a feminist dimension flowing straight from the candidates
but also because this is the first all-female ticket in U.S. history
-- in case this fact has eluded anyone.

I'll have more to say on why the McKinney/Clemente Power to the People
campaign is a huge political opportunity in many parts of the country,
if not in all yet, with some examples from New York City, and why the
Nader campaign is old, tired, a futile attempt to get vindication for
2004 and a sad misjudgment of what is possible in this political
period and a grave underestimation of the historic importance of
Cynthia McKinney's rejection of the Democratic Party.

But you won't believe me unless you watch/listen to these two
candidates yourselves.

So, please look/listen at some of the coverage below. I particularly
recommend the Pacifica coverage.

1)  the Pacifica special three-hour coverage of the Green Party
convention, hosted by Davey D. and including interviews with Rosa
Clemente, Omar Torres, Kathy Kelly, and Malik Rahim.

Sunday July 13th
12 noon to 3 pm

is archived at:


see also http://pacifica.org/ for Green Party coverage

2) Rosa Clemente acceptance speech from Green Party Convention

3) Cynthia McKinney acceptance speech from Green Party Convention

for first ten minutes click here:

4) CSPAN coverage of Green Party convention
(second two thirds of show after Bob Barr):


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