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Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Tue Jul 15 06:22:15 MDT 2008

Eli Stephens, in his relentless zeal to attack Barack Obama, keeps
omitting the paragraph which follows the one to which he objects.

THAT paragraph, which is reproduced HERE, makes it obvious that
Obama's proposal is to eliminate the regulations for Cuban-Americans.
He never says, nor does anyone else claim, he advocates more than he
actually advocates. And, as Obama stated in his speech given to the 
Cuban American Foundation on May 23, he would eliminate the travel
limitations, AND the remittance limitations, which Eli Stephens also
refuses to acknowledge. 

Perhaps even worse, Eli Stephens continues to ignore what Obama
said about eliminating the remittance limitations, a major, major
issue for Cuba and for Cuban-Americans who want to send financial
assistance to their families on the island.

What good is it to criticize Obama falsely for things where what he
says is not wrong, such as eliminating the travel and remittance
restrictions against Cuban Americans? There's plenty of areas about
U.S. policy toward Cuba about which one can properly criticize the
Illinois Senator, but these two specific issues aren't among them.

It seems, therefore, that Eli's project is to attack Obama by any 
means possible, on every occasion, whether Obama is right or wrong.

Eliminating the travel and remittance limitations for Cubans living
in the United States would be a positive step, but Eli refuses to
say anything positive about Obama, regardless of mere facts. David
Rieff's long discussion of the changing demographics of Miami, and
the political consequences which flow from them make it clear that,
for Democratic Party politicians, it has become conceivable that
Florida might be "in play" as the saying goes.

There's no need to attribute more to Obama than he objectively 
advocates. His stance is NOT of any friend of the Cuban Revolution.

He's an opponent of the Cuban Revolution, just as much as are the
likes of Jeff Flake, Christopher Dodd, Jorge Castaneda, and all of
the others who say that ending the blockade is the best way to get
rid of the Cuban Revolution. It's not very useful to be blind to
the differences among the opponents of the Cuban Revolution if 
the differences can have some significant political consequences.

Ending the travel and remittance limits on Cuban-Americans would
be a good step in and of itself. And it would be, and indeed it
IS, foolish to attack someone where they are right, even if they
motivate the positive step with reactionary justifications.

Some people just can't seem to take "yes" for an answer...
Some people just seem to want Cuba to remain poor, but pure...

Walter Lippmann
Los Angeles, California
Barack Obama speech to CANF May 23, 2008

Barak Obama, the Democratic Party candidate in the next United States
election, has declared that if he wins, he will rescind the standing
provisions, dictated by the Bush administration in that country,
which impede economic operations for travel to our soil. If he
fulfills his promise, a new stage in the ideological struggle between
the Cuban Revolution and imperialism will be born. In it [this new
stage], in order to achieve the ideological invulnerability to which
we aspire, it will be necessary to design a new theoretical and
propagandistic conception about our ideas and their origin.

An ample migration with different objectives can come upon us and 
for that we must prepare ourselves culturally. The removal of the
economic limitations imposed on trips to Cuba will mean that around a
million of those born in this country or their descendants can come
as tourists or for their interest in again coming into contact with
their native soil and their relatives. In that category are included
"Cubans" against the Revolution or who simply left for other reasons
and we cannot characterize as such. To this are joined the many
citizens of other nationalities who are found in diverse countries
for whom it is impossible to travel to Cuba for risky reasons,
including North Americans who aspire to develop some form of
relations with our country. In other words, we have before us the
immense challenge of how to face a new time in the cultural struggle
against the enemy.
I'm sorry, Walter, this statement is just flat-out incorrect:

""Barak Obama, the Democratic Party candidate in the next
United States election, has declared that if he wins, he
will rescind the standing provisions, dictated by the Bush
administration in that country, which impede economic
operations for travel to our soil."

Now if he had said, "he will rescind SOME of the standing
provisions" it would be perfectly accurate. Leaving out
that one word completely changes the meaning, and makes it,
as I said, flat-out wrong.

     Los Angeles, California
     Editor-in-Chief, CubaNews
     "Cuba - Un Paraíso bajo el bloqueo"

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