[Marxism] Were We Remiss?

S. Artesian sartesian at earthlink.net
Tue Jul 15 07:00:27 MDT 2008

In all the excitement of the All Star Game at Yankee Stadium, with Madonna 
throwing out the first pitch, Freddy and Fannie, whether Obama is going to 
rescind some or all of the travel restrictions to Cuba... were we remiss in 
not celebrating Bastille Day?

I know my wife and I went to our neighborhood bistro and toasted The 
Conspiracy of Equals, Hebert, the Commune, the club Cordeliers, and Marat--  
in both English and French-- thereby drawing shock and applause from those 
citizens of France, who taking advantage of favorable exchange rates, and 
with shopping  bags from Victoria's Secret, Wohlford, Donna Karan, Barney's 
piled under their tables,  tucked into steak-frites, duck with honey lime 
glaze, and other plebian dishes (of course the French were quite drunk by 
the time we raised our glasses, and would have applauded anything said in 
French, including "this wine is greatly overpriced"). And after the meal, I 
did use my mini-guillotine cigar cutter to prepare the authentic Cuban 
Cohiba El Presidente I had received as a gift, but....

But not one word on Marxmail? 

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