[Marxism] Pennsylvania Democrats charged w/ scamming taxpayers to get Nader off ballot

Lance Murdoch lancemurdoch at gmail.com
Tue Jul 15 08:38:32 MDT 2008


Attorney General Corbett announces charges in legislative bonus
investigation - 12 suspects charged in 1st phase of the investigation

Webb, who testified before the grand jury under a grant of immunity,
stated that it was clearly understood by all of these employees that
campaign work was part of their public employment and not something
done after work hours or on personal time.
Webb's 2004 list cataloged, to name a few, efforts such as: the number
of days each employee spent on campaigns or campaign activities;
whether employees worked on the special election in the 109th
Legislative District; assisted on the petition challenge to Green
Party Presidential candidate Ralph Nader
These efforts were by no means limited to House races.  Two
outstanding examples of misappropriation of taxpayers' resources on
petition challenges were the Ralph Nader for President of the United
States in 2004 and the Carl Romanelli for the United States Senate in

The grand jury found that as many as 50 Democratic House Caucus staff
members participated in the Nader petition challenge and contributed a
staggering number of man-hours.  A House Democratic employee testified
before the grand jury that "everybody was working on this."  It was
virtually a caucus wide endeavor and many of the employees spent an
entire week on the Nader petition challenge.

Upon the successful challenge to the Nader petition, Veon sent an
e-mail to his staff stating:

     "FYI .great job by our staff! This would have never been
successful without your work.  You have given John Kerry an even
better opportunity to win this state.one of the 5 most important
states to win this year."

    "This is a very significant fact and significant contribution by
each one of you to the Kerry for president campaign.you should take
great pride in your efforts."

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