[Marxism] books for kids

Andrew Pollack acpollack2 at gmail.com
Tue Jul 15 09:31:19 MDT 2008

Sandy wrote:
"When I was a kid, I loved *A Wrinkle in Time*. But I don't remember a thing
about it, except for the tesseract. It could be reactionary for all I know."

It is in fact reactionary, with a religious and (subtle) anticommunist theme.
BUT, as with Lewis and Tolkien, it's essential reading, both to have a
context for
how authors pass along ideas, and for how to tell a story effectively
(And kids can and do
make those comparisons for themselves between authors).
And as with Lewis and Tolkien (and Johnny Tremain, mentioned earlier),
the characters' efforts,
not immediately successful, to find their courage and do the right
thing, are useful
for youth trying to figure out what real heroism is -- as opposed to
the label the
media and politicians slaps on anyone who they use as cannon fodder.

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