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“...if workers in a shoe factory make 1000 pairs of shoes in 8 hours; and workers in a steel plant make 2.5 tons of steel in 8 hours, those values are equivalent, and if workers in another factory make 1 ton of specialty steel, that's equivalent also. And if workers in a different shoe factory make only 500 pairs of specially designed orthopedic shoes, that mass is equivalent. Use-value is dependent upon use. Equivalence is based on labor-time. Payments are equal, since the labor-time is equal.”			
I have been able to follow this most interesting debate only sporadically but there are two things wrong with the above:

1.  Making the assumption that the contributions of constant capital, in the differing indudtries, to the value-products would differ; and,

2. Doing the same as regards the differing labor-powers involved; then

A.  The products of the different industries would differ in value: and,

B. The value-added (newly by labors) would themselves also differ.

This is entirely consistent with the labor theory of value as the constant capital has to be replaced and the labor-powers replicated.


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