[Marxism] A Report From The 2008 GP-US Convention

Craig Brozefsky craig at red-bean.com
Wed Jul 16 02:06:36 MDT 2008

[ Enough cold-medicine to respond to this now. ]

Alex Briscoe <obeynow20001 at yahoo.com> writes:

> During the vote, CA cast 40+ votes for Nader and 20
> for McKinney, so we had the embarassing result of
> Nader leading a vote count at a convention he was not
> at until HI cast their votes and McKinney finally led
> Nader 80 votes to 60.  The man at the projector chose
> not to update the results until after HI had voted. 

Actually, it was not of his choosing.  There was a networking problem
due to a power drop in a computer that was doing some routing.  A good
friend of mine was the technician in the media box who resolved it.
Anyways, Not sure how alphabetical order is embarrasing.

> our Party leaders insisted I be a delegate and sit
> with the delegation as I was on the list and they were
> short of delegates, I assume. 

They were short a Hawkins delegate.

> McKinney and a real political party.  I later heard
> that C-Span did not turn on the cameras until McKinney
> started speaking.

Incorrect.  CSpan footage caught much more than that (and much is
available online).  The same technician mentioned above was next to
the CSPAN box and they were recording the whole time.  This is of
critical political importance of course...

> It is heartening to see enthusiasm for McKinney and
> Clemente from the diminished ranks of the Green Party.

As an organizer of the convention, I would attribute a large part of
the lack of attendance to the cost of the convention registration and
travel to Chicago in our current economy.  I recognize that there are
people who were not attending for political reasons as well and don't
mean to dismiss that.

I'm glad you enjoyed our self-indulgence, Comrade!

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