[Marxism] Citgo to distribute energy efficient lightbulbs

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Wed Jul 16 10:10:17 MDT 2008

Citgo to distribute energy efficient lightbulbs
By Barry Weinstein
People's Weekly World
July 15, 2008

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Congressman Joe Kennedy, Venezuelan ambassador
Bernardo Alvarez and Citgo President Alejandro Grarado kicked off the
second phase of the Venezuela-Citgo Community Assistance program at
the home of Shirley and Claude Braxton. Through the Energy Efficient
Lighting Program compact fluorescent lightbulbs (CFLs) will be
distributed to low-and middle-income homes. This program supplements
the Citgo-Venezuela Heating Oil program that provides winter fuel
assistance for more than 1.2 million U.S. households during the past
two years. The Braxtons are recipients of Citgo's reduced-rate home
heating oil.

Citgo is owned by PDV America, Inc., a subsidiary of the national oil
company of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

The CFL pilot program is being implemented here, Houston, Corpus
Christi, Tex., Lamont, Ill., and Lake Charles, La., where Citgo
refineries operate. It will also be implemented in Boston,
Philadelphia, New York City, Milwaukee, Madison, Wisc., and

CITGO estimates that recipients will save $14.9 million and cut their
energy use by 165 million kilowatt hours during the life of the
energy-efficient light bulbs. Approximately 460,000 light bulbs will
be distributed. The average household will receive about 20 CFLs.

Teams of installers will retrofit the lighting fixtures and provide
information about anticipated dollar and energy savings.

"Hedge funds and traders make more money when the U.S. uses more oil.
We are about saving oil. And the only oil company which has responded
to our request to do more for America," said Kennedy. He pointed out
that in Boston alone where 40,000 CFLs will be distributed, the
lifetime dollar savings will be $1.78 million, with potential
elimination of CO2 emissions to remove 1,930 cars off the road.

Ambassador Alvarez said "The energy problem is a spring, summer, fall,
winter problem. We are a country with so much oil, yet we are
interested in conservation. We must be. We are all in the same world.
We are happy to be in a position to inspire other corporations to help
with this pressing problem."

Guests of the Braxton's press event included members of SEIU, AFT and
the labor councils of DC and Northern Virginia, CASA Maryland and DC,
and the Venezuelan Solidarity Network.

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