[Marxism] Review of Howard Zinn's "Marx in Soho" (July 13 performance)

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"Prof. Jerry Levy, the performer in this one-man show, has an uncanny
resemblance to Marx:

Jerry Levy as Karl Marx

The real-life Karl Marx (1818-1883)

"With very few props and a minimalist stage decor consisting of just
the un-elevated floor in a hall and a red flag draped on the wall,
Levy held the rapt attention of the audience for a full
hour-and-a-half -- quite a remarkable accomplishment when the entire
text of the play consists of just one character delivering a
monologue. It helps, of course, that the character in question is Karl
Marx, with a larger-than-life persona, a colorful life story, and as
widespread an influence as any philosopher can possibly hope to have.

"The Marx that Howard Zinn portrays in this play is a mischievous and
witty old man [...]"

Full: <http://www3.arts.umich.edu/lounge/viewtopic.php?p=297#297>

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