[Marxism] Oil

Mike Friedman mikedf at amnh.org
Wed Jul 16 13:10:15 MDT 2008

Hey Lou,

I wrote to Les, but haven't heard back, yet.

Also, it occurred to me that

> Subject: Re: [Marxism] Oil

> But this exactly the point made by Peak Oil theorists. They say that
energy supplies will be forced to come from exactly those places that
are described above as being under the sway of "political turbulences".

Even more than this, Hosseini kind of begins his narration in the middle
of the story. As we would say, he focuses on the medial and proximal
causes and ignores or dismisses the distal cause(s). Seems that current
imperialist wars are motivated by knowledge that oil may be peaking,
although I agree with Les on this.

Also I found a couple of Hosseini's arguments a little disingenuous. His
claim that because demand actually falls short of supply, we have evidence
that there is *no* peak isn't convincing. Demand falls short, maybe,
because of rising oil prices?

I do have a question, though, maybe a stupid one.... Why would oil
production follow a bell-shaped curve? If you stick a straw in your bath
tub and start drinking, when you get half-way done, there's no reason why
your rate of "production" should start falling. It's no harder to suck up
the water than it was before, nor should it get any harder until you're
slurping up what's left on the bottom. This would seem to be even more
true if you don't even know how much is in the bath tub...


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