[Marxism] Oil

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Jul 16 13:12:48 MDT 2008

Mike Friedman wrote:
> Hey Lou,
> I wrote to Les, but haven't heard back, yet.

Les gets sidetracked but he always follows up.

> I do have a question, though, maybe a stupid one.... Why would oil
> production follow a bell-shaped curve? If you stick a straw in your bath
> tub and start drinking, when you get half-way done, there's no reason why
> your rate of "production" should start falling. It's no harder to suck up
> the water than it was before, nor should it get any harder until you're
> slurping up what's left on the bottom. This would seem to be even more
> true if you don't even know how much is in the bath tub...

I confess that I really haven't studied this question in any kind of 
depth. Mark Jones was the big expert on this. One of these days I will 
try to get up to speed.

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