[Marxism] Behold the wonders of the Donkey-Elephant Janus.

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Wed Jul 16 14:36:30 MDT 2008

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With  the recent FISA legislation passage, can ANYONE still maintain that 
there is  some sort of meaningful difference between Obama (and any other Donkey) 
and Bush  (or any other Elephant) where your and my civil rights are 

If  we have no civil rights, what good is all the "hope" and "change" 
promised by  Obama? Surely his offered "hope" isn't one for "change" of the situation 
 regarding our civil rights -- look at where he just voted IN FAVOR OF the  
continued fiasco known as FISA. 

All of you out there -- please stop  supporting the fantasy of Obama being an 
agent of change. Accept the fact that  things are irreparably broken in the 
Federal Government leadership. Start  thinking of how you'd like to see things 
changed. And then start working for  that set of changes. 

Barack Obama isn't the man for the change. Nor is  John McCain. And it's very 
likely that NOBODY who is elected through the current  process will be 
interested in mounting any sort of meaningful change. That's why  the process must 
be seen as irreparably broken -- because that's what it is! 


“We have it in our power to begin the world  over again” –Thomas Paine

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