[Marxism] The sale of Budweiser: Memories of Beer Lovers, Hemp Farmers and Bloody Revolution

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Jul 16 20:26:39 MDT 2008

>By Mike Ely
>Here is an irony worth thinking about: In the Mississippi river
>valley, this important historical clash started between beer lovers
>and hemp growers. And, believe it or not, revolutionary sympathies go
>with the beer drinkers.

>What followed was one of the most bitter civil wars I have ever
>studied: Missouri was criss-crossed by vicious pro-slavery
>deathsquads that carried out horrific murders and mutilations. Their
>raiders came dressed in a cloud of human scalps sewn into their
>clothes and bridles ­ as they spread terror among those who opposed
>the sale of human beings. If you have ever wondered where the
>frontier killer Jesse James got trained, it was as one of a
>triggerman for one of the most notorious death squad of the slavocracy.

Before long I am going to post a longish item on Jesse James that is 
from the same perspective as Mike's. As it turns out, Jesse James's 
father and mother both raised hemp on their Missouri farms that used 
slave labor. We need to of course begin growing hemp again since it 
is environmentally sustainable, but I have a feeling that the 
American ruling class would sooner re-institute slavery than hemp-growing. 

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