[Marxism] Mountain Partisans: Guerrilla Warfare in the Southern Appalachians 1861-1865

Kasama Turner kasamasite at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 17 10:36:13 MDT 2008

Thanks for the mention of this book on partisan warfare during the civil war... it is a resource I had not heard of before. 

But, like you, I have long been fascinated by the history of the anti-confederate actions in the south. Three particular movements have grabbed my interest:

* the movement of revolutionary German workers in St. Louise (the subject of my article on Budweiser, hemp and bloody revolution).
* The remarkable resistance movement of the Lumbee Indians in North Carolina (who rebelled when their highly mixed community was enslaved by fiat during the Civil War and ordered to do forced labor on the defenses of Wilmington.)
* And several armed resistance movements by Confederate Army deserters, who in at least one case drove the confederate forces out of their county with the aid of former slaves, and established a "free state" right in the heart of dixie.

History is stranger and more wonderful than fiction -- and its tapestry always has rich lessons for us today.

Mike e


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