[Marxism] Cubans eye U.S. election

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This is a terrific report! It shows us that life in Cuba is a lot
more complex, more nuanced, than we've been conditioned to believe.
Also it shows there are more than one point of view, even among the
Cuban government's leadership, than we've been given to expect in the
past. What's posted here is just an excerpt from the whole thing.

They really DO have politics in Cuba, though they are expressed as
Mary Murray suggests, in a more subtle, round-about way in official

That's why we need to be able - all of us - to go and see Cuba for
our selves and draw our own opinions from what we would see if we
were free to see Cuba for ourselves. There's a very active blog to
which anyone can and many people do contribute.

Walter Lippmann
Los Angeles, California


Cubans eye U.S. election 
Posted: Thursday, July 17, 2008 10:52 AM
Filed Under: Havana, Cuba 
By Mary Murray, NBC News Havana Bureau Chief 

affect the Cuban family," said Espinosa Chepe, referring to the
economic embargo and restrictions on travel. "He is proposing a
rational policy that will foster contacts between the two governments
and Cuban society."

This would change the internal political climate, Espinosa Chepe, a
former political prisoner, believes. "Castro attacked Obama because
he is afraid of any détente that will eliminate his excuse for
maintaining totalitarianism and repression in Cuba."

For the record, Felipe Perez Roque, Cuban foreign minister, recently
stated that his government would be willing to meet Obama’s challenge
to meet over a negotiating table.

But, Obama’s proposal to talk seems to be making other people in the
Cuban hierarchy nervous. An editorial by one of Fidel Castro’s
closest collaborators, Armando Hart, warned that opening the gates to
U.S. visitors could backfire – by ideologically corrupting Cuban

Without a doubt, this nation sees a lot riding on the November
outcome and is following the U.S. presidential election as closely as
any paid pollster.


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