[Marxism] 'Tenured radical' tries to revive professors group

Greg Dunkel gdunkel at mindspring.com
Thu Jul 17 13:24:07 MDT 2008

According to a speaker at the Higher Ed division meeting at ATF's national convention, held this past weekend in Chicago, 70% of all higher ed courses are taught by adjuncts or other contingent members of the professoriat, like lecturers, grad students or indentured servants.  That's the only way US colleges can finance themselves.

Even in countries like Canada, where public service strikes are legal and relatively common, adjuncts still get the shaft.


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>I've been an AAUP member for years.  Local chapters can take adjuncts
>and visiting faculty into the bargaining unit, which is the case here.
> However, that doesn't mean that they are going to have the same
>benefits.  The best we've fought for is an improvement, which we've
>gotten.  It matters a lot to those at the bottom, but it's a pittance
>financially and in every other sense.

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