[Marxism] Review of a Mark Lause book

Mike Friedman mikedf at amnh.org
Thu Jul 17 17:58:42 MDT 2008

Don't you realize that for "Worthless," it's all a game? On both this
thread and the adjunct thread all he's doing is what he does 99% of the
time: baiting. He wants to get a rise, that's all. That's what he calls
"ruthless criticism."

> I find your response to be very odd. You are telling us to function
> politically in an historic vacuum. Why not then, forget about the Russian
> Revolution? It is irrelevant to our present 21st century class struggle.
> we should forget about the French Revolution and the Paris Commune. They
> happened so long ago. And this is not to mention the first American
> Revolution. And if the National Reform Association is irrelevant, then the
> American Civil War and Reconstruction should also be ignored.

> Let's forget about all the histories of class struggles. It don't mean
> nuthin' to us.


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