[Marxism] Argentina: It's only a small step from sectarianism towards support for Kirchner

Stuart Munckton stuartmunckton at gmail.com
Thu Jul 17 19:21:55 MDT 2008

Did you not read what Fred wrote, Fred? He wrote that this was submitted to
Links as a contribution to the debate. If it is under an anti-Kirchner
headline then that is because it is the politics of the article. I'd even
suggest the headline was directly translated from the article.

Fred Fuentes made it clear he didn't agree with its line, in fact he said
"strongly disagreed", but it was posted as part of an effort to present the
full range of views of the Argentinean left on Links.

It is not the only thing run on Links. The introduction provides a link to
an article with a very different view http://links.org.au/node/453

This is what we ran in Green Left Weekly in the current issue. It is
absolutely NOT the line in the MST article.

I think it is useful to present to English-language left th counter-posed
positions of the Argentinena left about the current conflict

" Why does a DSP leader submit this under an anti-Kirchner, not
pro-working-farmer headline?"

What is the point of this comment? To imply that the DSP wishes to see the
oligarchy overthrow Kirchner from the right? Despite the fact that Fred said
he strongly disagreed with this?

"Is the overthrow of Kirchner something to be devoutly wished for through
this fight, as the headline clearly suggests?"

At least make it clear what you are arguing against. Are you arguing against
the position of the MST? In which case I agree.

Or are you arguing that it is wrong for Links to present the position of the
MST, as part of presenting a range of left positions in relation to the
current conflict in Argentina? In which case, to steal a phrase from the
other Fred, I "strongly disagree".

This material has been translated from Spanish into English to help
English-speaking left understand what the various positions are. I think
this is an extremely valuable task that Links is doing. If you can't bring
your self to read the MST's position, avert your eyes.


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