[Marxism] Argentina: It's only a small step from sectarianism towards support for Kirchner

glparramatta glparramatta at greenleft.org.au
Thu Jul 17 20:08:14 MDT 2008

Bloody Zinovievists! Imagine not immediately having a line on every 
country in the world, and making space for other viewpoints!


Stuart Munckton wrote:
> Did you not read what Fred wrote, Fred? He wrote that this was submitted to
> Links as a contribution to the debate. If it is under an anti-Kirchner
> headline then that is because it is the politics of the article. I'd even
> suggest the headline was directly translated from the article.
> Fred Fuentes made it clear he didn't agree with its line, in fact he said
> "strongly disagreed", but it was posted as part of an effort to present the
> full range of views of the Argentinean left on Links.
> It is not the only thing run on Links. The introduction provides a link to
> an article with a very different view http://links.org.au/node/453
> This is what we ran in Green Left Weekly in the current issue. It is
> absolutely NOT the line in the MST article.
> http://www.greenleft.org.au/2008/758/39182

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