[Marxism] Maryland state cops spied on activist groups

aaron amaral amaral1871 at gmail.com
Thu Jul 17 21:02:01 MDT 2008

 What is the opposite of surprising?
Yet worth spreading the word/ awareness nonetheless...obviously NOT in the
interest of increasing paranoia but in trying to combat provocations and
Hopefully, the ACLU and others keep digging and exposing...


"Maryland State Police officers spied on dozens of meetings and rallies held
by social activist groups and provided reports to databases accessible by
local and federal law enforcement agencies, according to documents obtained
by the ACLU of Maryland.

Officers with MSP's Homeland Security and Intelligence Division covertly
spent at least 288 hours primarily at anti-war and anti-death penalty
protests between March 2005 and May 2006, according to the redacted
documents released Thursday...

...The reports read like meeting minutes, with attendance figures and recaps
of events held by groups including the Pledge of Resistance-Baltimore, the
Baltimore Coalition to End the Death Penalty, the Committee to Save Vernon
Evans (who was granted a stay of execution by the Maryland Court of Appeals
in February 2006), the D.C. Anti-War Network and International Socialist

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