[Marxism] Argentina: It's only a small step from sectarianism towards support for Kirchner

Néstor Gorojovsky nmgoro at gmail.com
Thu Jul 17 23:20:00 MDT 2008

Right on the point, Mike!

Either if by "working farmers" you mean "peasants" or "small
landowners who farm their own possessions", you are right.

In fact, the road cuts were meant to _cut them away from the cities,
the ports and the factories_.

That is, a measure against the social class they say to defend!

2008/7/17, Mike Friedman <mikedf at amnh.org>:
> In fact, from what I gather from Nestor and the other cdes on the
>  reconquista list, it isn't even working farmers who are fomenting
>  rebellion, but the wealthy landowners that are revolting. We have a kulak
>  revolt... and kulak "revolutionaries"...
>  > So in that context, I wonder: Why is the focus of the material submitted so
>  > focused on opposition to Kirchner, a bourgeois-nationalist leader with ties
>  > to Bolivia and Venezuela who is disapproved in Washington. Why does a DSP
>  > leader submit this under an anti-Kirchner, not pro-working-farmer headline?
>  > The Militant (newspaper of the US Socialist Workers Party)  might have a
>  > similar sectarian axis, but they would choose a more mass-oriented
>  headline.
>  > Why is opposition to Kirchner the first priority?
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