[Marxism] Six Questions for Jane Mayer, Author of The Dark Side

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Fri Jul 18 03:07:12 MDT 2008

By Scott Horton
In a series of gripping articles, Jane Mayer has chronicled the Bush  
Administration’s grim and furtive dealings with torture and has exposed both the  
individuals within the administration who “made it happen” (a group that starts  
with Vice President Cheney and his chief of staff, David Addington), the team 
of  psychologists who put together the palette of techniques, and the Fox 
television  program “24,” which was developed to help sell it to the American 
public. In a  new book, The Dark Side, Mayer puts together the major conclusions 
from  her articles and fills in a number of important gaps. Most 
significantly, we  learn the details on the torture techniques and the drama behind the 
fierce and  lingering struggle within the administration over torture, and we 
learn that  many within the administration recognized the potential criminal 
accountability  they faced over these torture tactics and moved frantically to 
protect  themselves from possible future prosecution. I put six questions to 
Jane Mayer  on the subject of her book, The Dark Side.


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