[Marxism] Argentina: It's only a small step from sectarianism towards support for Kirchner

Fred Feldman ffeldman at bellatlantic.net
Fri Jul 18 05:34:25 MDT 2008

Let's go back to the origin of this little brouhaha.

Louis Proyect wrote:
Garcia is a member of a neo-Morenoite group so  I am not surprised
> that they are hostile to Kirchner.  Meanwhile, Claudo Katz seems to
> be some kind of ex-Morenoite himself who writes occasionally for the
> Mandelista press. I guess Nestor has been too busy out in the
> countryside mugging those reactionary farmers to write much.
And Fred Fuentes responded:
We i suppose that means no point reading their stuff then hey? Just
like no point reading what that damn ex-morenist Hugo Blanco has to
say about what is occurring in Peru? Or any other members or former
members of currents not to the particular taste of Louis.

Note that Louis said nothing about not reading their stuff for that reason.
He simply exercised his right to point out facts about the authors'
political positions. I appreciated getting the info.

And Fred went off the handle, demagogically -- I repeat -- dragging Hugo
Blanco into the mix, where he definitely did not belong. I did not accuse
him of "attacking" Blanco, but of grossly misusing his name and well-earned
reputation in this context

And I responded to this, educationally, in my opinion.

Among other things, I noted the title of the article (I wasn't sure who was
responsible for it). The title alone is enough to signal a sectarian
orientation.  For the author of the title saw the conflict in the Argentine
countryside as primarily a basis for attacking the Kirchner government, and
exposing other leftists who don't consider this the top priority.

In fact, bringing down the Kirchner government is not a priority at all --
just the opposite. This government has to be defended today against attempts
to bring it down, both for reasons of the struggle in Argentina and because
of broader continental concerns.

Frankly, all the hoo-hah from Fuentes, Munckton about Links' right to
publish this material and so on, which noone challenged, is simply beside
the point. I plan to read all of it. I am glad that LINKS did not choose the
title. I hope the comrades all understand what is wrong with it politically
as a clear signal of a sectarian orientation, regardless of the estimate of
the "farmers" movement.

I am very pleased to get this opportunity to learn more about the class
lineup in agriculture in Argentina.

But I think I was right to point out what I pointed out, and Louis was right
to point out what he pointed out. Sorry that Fred, Stuart et al. responded
so defensively.
Fred Feldman

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