[Marxism] Mountain Partisans: Guerrilla Warfare in the Southern Appalachians 1861-1865

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Fri Jul 18 05:37:42 MDT 2008

By coincidence, I had started reading Carleton Beals' 1965 book,  <<War Within a War: The Confederacy Against Itself>>, a few days ago. Beals' work, which is a readable narrative rather than a scholarly history, portrays the resistance -- both active and passive -- to the confederacy as being a lot more widespread than than just the Southern Appalachians. Rather, there seems to have been widespread resistance among whites (as well as, unsurprisingly, Blacks), in every state, including Mississippi, far exceeding in every respect the better-known Northern resistance to conscription manifested most notoriously in the anti-Black anti-draft riots in New York in 1863.

Maybe other people on this list are familiar with Beals' book and with the subject in general and can shed mosre light on the topic.

 - Aaron
>From: Greg McDonald <sabocat59 at mac.com>
>Date: Thu, 17 Jul 2008 08:30:08 -0400
>Subject: [Marxism] Mountain Partisans: Guerrilla Warfare in the Southern
> Appalachians 1861-1865
>I'm interested in another irregular war within the war during the US 
>civil war, namely,  that which took place in the heart of dixie and 
>which manifested as class warfare between pro-union poor mountain 
>whites and their more prosperous white neighbors.  Has anyone read 
>the book listed below?
>Greg McDonald
>     Endorsement From Tom Goodrich
>       coauthor of Bloody Bill Anderson: The Short Savage Life of a 
>Civil War Guerrilla:
>Mountain Partisans throws a hard, sharp spotlight on the independent 
>nature of mountain folk--how the landscape affected the folkscape, 
>thereby creating a very different environment and hence, a very 
>different war. A worthy addition to the growing body of information 
>on this savage war within a war.

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